Psycroptic circle back with The World Discarded

Posted by on January 13, 2015


Back in the fall, Psycroptic released the first taste of their forthcoming self-titled album. The Tasmanian band released “Echoes to Come,” and some proceeds from the sale of the digital single went to DevilArk, an organization dedicated to saving Tasmanian Devils from extinction. Now, with  the album coming out on March 10th on Prosthetic, they’ve released another song, “The World Discarded.”

If you’re a longtime fan of the technical death metal band, you won’t be disappointed,but this will likely wind up picking up some new fans as well. This is the best they’ve sounded in years. It’s heavy, fast and the  guitars sound damned near progressive at times. Psycroptic’s debut album for Prosthetic (and their sixth overall) will be released on march 10th and can be pre-ordered here.



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