Metal Church return with Mike Howe, a nuclear plant for “No Tomorrow”

Posted by on January 6, 2016


We see a lot of videos at Metal Insider. Most of them are pretty cliched, because let’s be honest, how many ways can you show a band playing? Most of the time,  you wind up watching a band playing in a warehouse with sparks and shit. Not so with Metal Church, who have a new album coming out, XI, on March 25th. They went to an abandoned nuclear power plant, the Satstop Nuclear Facility, to film the video for “No Tomorrow.” Shot inside a nuclear tower, a symbol of the cold war if there ever was one, it’s one of the more unique-looking videos out there. It’s filmed in black and white, with the band dwarfed by the relic, and Jamie Chamberlin of Black Dahlia Films did a good job of catching some impressive imagery. You can see a behind the scenes look at what went into making the video below. As for the song, it’s a nice return to form for the band that’s fast, heavy, and throwbacky in all the best ways. XI will be released on Rat Pak Records on March 25th. Sign up for pre-order information here.




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