Nothing stream ‘Tired of Tomorrow’

Posted by on May 10, 2016

nothing-tiredoftomorrowRemember when NPR got cool? Yeah, me either. I don’t know when it happened, or if it’s something that just happens internally as you get through your 20s; but they’ve been killing it the past few years on their premieres and reviews of heavy music. I remember getting my first cracks at albums from Liturgy, Electric Wizard, and Chelsea Wolfe within the past couple years; so someone over there is doing things right. This debut is no different. Philadelphia’s Nothing are streaming their second full-length, Tired of Tomorrow, and it finds the band picking up where they left off on 2014’s Guilty of Everything.

Similar to bands like Deftones and Deafheaven, they have that knack which allows them to blend a lot of beauty into their sound without getting corny or sounding forced. There’s definitely a heavy 90s shoegaze influence here, so things usually stay pretty spacey and mellow. Vocally, Dominic Palermo reminds me a lot of Failure’s Ken Andrews, where he eerily materializes into and fades away from the thick sound of the band. I’m a big fan of the way they juxtapose shoegaze-y passages with some utterly mammoth riffs – it really makes everything feel that much heavier. More importantly, these dudes write quality songs that won’t get tired after a couple listens.

Check it out here. Tired of Tomorrow comes out this Friday May 13 via Relapse, or you can preorder here. Check out the just-released video for “Eaten By Worms” below.



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