New Quicksand coming on Epitaph

Posted by on August 21, 2017

A few years back, ’90s band Quicksand reunited for a 2012 tour. The band, equal parts metal, hardcore and emo, featured Gorilla Biscuits guitarist Walter Schriefels and were a formative influence on their peers like Deftones, which  bassist Sergio Vega became a member of following Chi Cheng’s death. Earlier this year, they announced an extensive tour, and today via a teaser, we now know that they’ve got a new album, Interiors, coming sometime this year on Epitaph.

Not much is known about what will be the band’s third album and first since 1995’s Manic Compression, but the short snippet sounds promising. The band recorded part of a third album in 1998. It’s not certain whether any of those songs will pop up on their first album in 22 years. 


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