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Posted by on March 12, 2013

This week, much of the industry is engaged in the festivities occurring at the South by Southwest festival down in Austin, TX. Those of us that are not with our peers in Austin are no doubt extremely jealous (or at least, I am), but someone has to hold down the fort! That means we have to talk about our usual business of the new releases coming out today. And even though it’s a shorter list, it still deserves your attention. So let’s get right into it!


Adrenaline Mob, Covertá (Caroline)

Last year’s debut from Adrenaline Mob, Omertà, peaked at #70 on the Billboard charts. That’s an impressive feat for the supergroup, and give due credit to the stellar reputations of both Russell Allen and Mike Portnoy for helping increase the buzz about the band in general. Those that heard Omertà will recall the inclusion of a cover of Duran Duran’s “Come Undone”, featuring guest singer Lzzy Hale of Halestorm. Well, it turns out that Adrenaline Mob has an affinity for covers, as Covertá has seven more of them waiting for your listening enjoyment. The most notable tracks are covers of the classic hits “Break on Through” by The Doors and “Barracuda” by Heart. However, it’s equally good to see Adrenaline Mob pay tribute to Ronnie James Dio in their own way here, through covers of Rainbow’s hit “Kill the King” and Dio’s solo piece “Stand Up and Shout”. All of these covers are worth checking out, whether you’re an Adrenaline Mob fan or someone that enjoys the artists that they are covering. Either way, you will be satisfied.


Orange Goblin, A Eulogy for the Fans… Orange Goblin Live 2012 (Candlelight)

The British stoner-doom group is quickly approaching their twenty-year anniversary, but they are doing it in their usual fashion – quiet, unassuming, and letting their music do all the talking. The group has maintained their spotless reputation for as long as they have because of that consistency in their mannerisms, and it’s one of the reasons why they’re at their current point today. This release celebrates just that by re-telling one of their landmark events – last year’s live performance at Bloodstock Open Air in the UK. Featuring both an audio CD recording and a DVD video feature of the show, this performance was one of the crowning achievements in Orange Goblin’s career to date. There are plenty of other extras to be had as well, including video footage of the band at Hellfest in France last year, a short film entitled “Highway to Hellfest”, photo galleries, and much more. If you’re a stoner/doom fan at all, you should definitely pick up this release!


Also being released this week:

Fit for a King, Creation/Destruction (Solid State)


Arkona, Decade of Glory (Napalm)


Heavatar, Opus 1 – All My Kingdoms (Napalm)


Heimdall, Aeneid (Scarlet)


Mortillery, Origin of Extinction (Napalm)


Next Week: A ridiculously long list more than makes up for the low quantity we had today. Come back for top names in thrash, Southern rock, prog, death metal, and so much more! It’s all for you in just seven days!

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