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September is traditionally the month when the most highly-anticipated albums are released. However, metal has jumped the gun this year, as most of the albums that were greatly sought-after have been released in July and August. This week is no different, with a pair of albums that have surely been at the top of many people’s lists for what to buy. There are a slew of other albums worthy of your attention, as well, so read up on everything here!


Disturbed, Immortalized (Reprise)

Coming back after a four-year hiatus, the hype surrounding Disturbed’s sixth album is naturally high. The positive reception to “The Vengeful One” has only raised the stakes, making it even more likely that this will be Disturbed’s fifth consecutive #1 release. Be prepared for the band’s tour next spring, for which pre-sales have already begun.


Ghost, Meliora (Loma Vista)

Ghost may be among the most polarizing acts on the planet. Their unique stage show and lyrical content have raised the ire of many conservative-minded individuals, particularly those of religious persuasion. But their music has attracted legions of supporters, and Meliora will only increase that number. With the unpredictability of Infestissumam paired with the musical foundation of Opus EponymousMeliora is sure to be a huge success.


The Sword, High Country (Razor & Tie)

The Sword has evolved greatly as time has gone on, starting as a stoner metal band and growing to become a powerful force in the rock and metal world. On High Country, the band’s fifth album, much of the metal aesthetics have been eschewed, in favor of a straightforward rock sound. That decision has already garnered the album positive reviews and multiple comparisons to the work of Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin.


Act of Defiance, Birth and the Burial (Metal Blade)

What do you do after you leave Megadeth? Well, if you’re Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover, you start another thrash band. The pair of former Mustaine collaborators have teamed up with ex-Scar the Martyr vocalist Henry Derek and Shadows Fall axeman Matt Bachand to form this new group, and their sound is an intense mix of thrash and melodic death metal. Check out the full album stream here.


Butcher Babies, Take it Like a Man (Century Media)

Butcher Babies are no strangers to controversy, but that has never stopped them from creating the music that they wanted. That ethos is what made Goliath such a success, and it will certainly do the same for Take it Like a Man. The metalcore group is streaming the album in its entirety here, and it’s already garnering a lot of attention. You can see the band live on their upcoming tour dates with Gwar.


The Devil Wears Prada, Space EP (Rise)

After a short stint on Roadrunner’s roster, The Devil Wears Prada is back with Rise, and they’re getting their releases started quickly with the Space EP. Unsurprisingly, all of the song titles on this EP have to do with the cosmos in some capacity. The music video for “Planet A” was just released and can be viewed here. The group still has not announced a permanent replacement for founding guitarist Chris Rubey, who left the band back in March.


Battlecross, Rise to Power (Metal Blade)

“Blue Collar Thrash Metal” returns with the release of Battlecross’ fourth album. We’ve already gotten to hear “Not Your Slaves” and “Spoiled”, and if they are a harbinger of what’s to come on the rest of the album, then we’re in for a wild ride.


Hate Eternal, Infernus (Season of Mist)

Even after eighteen years, Hate Eternal still manages to create the most devilish and extreme music possible. Infernus is the sixth album from the veteran death metal act, and if what we’ve heard so far from the album is any indication, Erik Rutan and company still have plenty more extreme aggression in store for us.


Pentagram, Curious Volume (Peaceville)

Returning to their old home on Peaceville Records, Pentagram is back with album number eight. Curious Volume marks the recording debut of new drummer “Minnesota” Pete Campbell. There’s no word yet on touring plans, but that’s understandable, given the last report of what’s going on in vocalist Bobby Liebling’s life. Here’s to hoping that things turn around for Liebling soon.


Rivers of Nihil, Monarchy (Metal Blade)

There will certainly be no “sophomore slump” for Rivers of Nihil, as Monarchy is every bit as intense and intriguing as its predecessor, The Conscious Seed of Light. “Perpetual Growth Machine” and the title track are proof positive that Monarchy is just a taste of what’s to come from this talented young band. Rivers of Nihil is setting a high bar in the progressive death metal community right now.

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