Pentagram’s Bobby Liebling in a dark place

Posted by on April 2, 2015

Pentagram vocalist and founding member Bobby Liebling is in a dark place; he’s separated from his wife, and both of his parents – his dad is 95, his mom around 84 – were recently taken to the ICU. In a recent interview with Noisey, the 60+ year old Liebling said about his folks, ” If they don’t make it, they’ll both go to a better place anyway.”

Pentagram guitarist Victor Griffin found God in the late 90s, after his fathers death, and it seems Liebling has, too, in a way, which has changed how the band operates these days.

Said Liebling to Noisey,

“Yeah. No baphomets, no upside-down crosses. That’s in our riders, in our contracts. People maybe didn’t get it when they heard “Review Your Choices” or “Be Forewarned.” Those songs are telling you there’s two ways to go, but I can’t tell you which to choose. You gotta figure it out for yourself.”

Pentagram is working on a new album, Curious Volume, and, “out of the 13 songs on the new album,” said Liebling, “I only participated in writing five and only wrote two alone.” The album will supposedly be out this summer on Peaceville, who resigned the band earlier this year.

Here’s hoping for brighter days ahead for Liebling and his family.


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