New and Noteworthy, 7/22: Drop the Hammer Down

Posted by on July 22, 2014

overkillThis list is jam-packed with recognizable talent that will attract attention from all over the metal spectrum. But can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Overkill have released some of the best material of their career during what many bands would consider the twilight years? Both Ironbound and The Electric Age would appear in the top 5 of my list of the best thrash albums released in the past decade, and it’s likely that today’s new release from Overkill will also have that distinction. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way, and that’s part of what makes Overkill so special right now.


Anyway, enough rambling. Here are our new releases today!



Overkill, White Devil Armory (eOne)


We’ve already shown you the videos for “Armorist” and “Bitter Pill” to give you an idea of what the latest Overkill album will sound like, and it’s roughly the same output as the album’s two predecessors. That translates to mean some of the hardest-hitting thrash that you’ve heard in decades. Overkill are NOT messing around as they reach the later portion of their career. White Devil Armory is the sound of a band that aims to leave it all on the table, no matter what they choose to do going forward. I certainly hope that they keep going, though, because this period is the apex of their career, in my opinion. This album already is in contention for my favorite thrash album of the year.


Fozzy, Do You Wanna Start a War (Century Media)


This album is unprecedented for Fozzy, in that it is an album of all-original material that retains the complete lineup that recorded its predecessor. Yes, that’s right – the lineup that made Sin and Bones has returned in its entirety for Do You Wanna Start a War. It may not seem like a big deal for some, but it undoubtedly signals that Fozzy wants to be taken seriously in the metal community and to establish themselves as an international contender. Another sign of that is the touring Fozzy has been doing lately, playing major festivals like Rock on the Range and Download.


Crown the Empire, The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways (Rise)


It’s not on the same level as a Five Finger Death Punch album, but Crown the Empire’s debut The Fallout has been a mainstay on Metal by Numbers since its release in November 2012. I’m not sure what that says about the band, other than to refute the assertion that metalcore is a dying genre – if it were, Crown the Empire would have disappeared from our radar months ago. Instead, they’re still here, and their new album will likely keep them in the spotlight for some time. If you’re to believe the AP Awards, they’re poised to break through, and might surprise some people with their debut next week.


Fallujah, The Flesh Prevails (Unique Leader)


If there was ever a group that gave justification for the term “buzz band”, Fallujah would be it. This band has been all over everyone’s radar for months now, once their sophomore album was announced. I’m not sure what it is, but this band just knows how to write amazing music. “Dissident Aggression” explained it a lot better two weeks ago, so if you want in-depth reasons as to why this album will rock, go read that. You can also check out the track “Carved in Stone” to experience the buzz firsthand. Be sure to also check out Fallujah on this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour, which just recently began.


War of Ages, Supreme Chaos (Facedown)


The Christian metalcore group from Pennsylvania is on their sixth album, and they’ve been promoting it heavily on all social media platforms. Lyric videos for the tracks “From Ashes” and “Chaos Theory” have already been released, and the band aggressively pushed their pre-order deals for both digital and physical copies. Known for being a strong touring band, War of Ages is currently playing select cities in the South and Midwest before heading to Europe for the Hell on Earth Tour with Unearth, Shadows Fall, and more.


Downset, One Blood (Self-released)


After their dissolution in 2009, it seemed like we had heard the last from rap metal innovators Downset. However, a reunion that began in 2013 reached full capacity with a performance at the This is Hardcore Festival in Philadelphia and the announcement of a new album. The revitalized Downset are playing up the metal and hardcore side of their sound, although they are sticking to their roots in rap metal and funk metal as much as possible. The band’s new material will be an exciting venture for both old fans and new!


Dog Fashion Disco, Sweet Nothings (Rotten)


Speaking of recently-reunited bands, avant-garde metal group Dog Fashion Disco has returned from the grave as well. After their breakup in 2007, the members of Dog Fashion Disco went on to form Polkadot Cadaver, Knives Out!, and a number of other projects. A number of one-off reunions occurred between 2008 and 2013, before the group officially got back together in May of last year. Sweet Nothings is the seventh album for the group.


Within the Ruins, Phenomena (eOne)


Massachusetts-based group Within the Ruins has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time. Last year’s Elite peaked at #2 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, and came very close to charting on the Billboard 200. Phenomena has a good chance of achieving that milestone for the group, as long as sales continue in the trend that they have for previous albums. If you want to hear material from Phenomena live, Within the Ruins will also be part of this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour, which is going on now.


Ill Niño, Till Death, La Familia (Victory)


Ill Niño is a band that refuses to give up, and it has shown over the years that they’ve been active. Now on their seventh album, the group has come a long way since Revolution Revolución. Although the same Latin-inspired music pervades their sound, Ill Niño has learned how to expand their sound and grow beyond the style that they pioneered. Get evidence for yourself by seeing Ill Niño on this year’s Mayhem Festival, playing the Victory Records stage alongside labelmates Emmure, Wretched, and more.


Entrails, Resurrected from the Grave (Demo Collection) (Metal Blade)


Swedish death metal group Entrails was around during the 90s, but they did not record any material during that time. It was only after they reunited in 2008 that any songs were actually recorded for a release. The first two demos recorded, Reborn and Human Decay, were never released to a widespread audience until now. Entrails is highly recommended for any fans of old-school Swedish metal, as they deliver on every facet of the genre that you might want.



Next Week: We close out July with a fairly light release week before we head into a very busy August. Come on back to see what’s in store next time!

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