My Dying Bride bummed their father left forever

Posted by on July 17, 2015

With the impending release of their 12th studio album, My Dying Bride are now streaming the opening , “And My Father Left Forever.” The nearly 10-minute track comes from Feel the Misery, which comes out September 18th on Peaceville Records and is available for pre-order.

Said vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe of, “And My Father Left Forever:”

“It is a picture of fallen bodies and broken limbs and the despair of having to collect them all up carefully, as they are your kinfolk, and place them gently together back into the earth from where they came.”

Also “back” is guitarist Calvin Robertshaw, who returned to My Dying Bride after the departure of Hamish Glencross in mid 2014 because of “irreconcilable differences.”


My Dying Bride, Feel the Misery track listing:

1. And My Father Left Forever
2. To Shiver In Empty Halls
3. A Cold New Curse
4. Feel The Misery
5. A Thorn Of Wisdom
6. I Celebrate Your Skin
7. I Almost Loved You
8. Within A Sleeping Forest

(via Brave Words)


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