After the Wu Tang Clan broke new ground by releasing only one copy of their new album, everyone is trying to find new (or would this be old?) and creative ways of distributing music. This time, it’s Limp Bizkit’s turn. They decided to release a new track called “Endless Slaughter” via cassette. And yes, I thought that the name of that track was incredibly heavy for Limp Bizkit too. But there’s even more of a catch to the whole thing. Not only will the song only be available via cassette, but the cassette will only be able to be found at Limp Bizkit’s live shows.

However, we’ve already seen the Deftones do this a few years ago, when they released a cassette single for their track “Leathers” that was only available at their live shows. The only difference is, this will be a brand new, exclusive track.

The cassette single will be available in two weeks, again, only at live shows, and will be part of their upcoming album Stampede of the Disco Elephants, which they only announced three years ago.