Iwrestledabearonce Release ‘Carnage Asada’ ft. Steve Vai

Posted by on July 3, 2013

Extreme(ly weird) metal group iwrestledabearonce are releasing their album Late For Nothing August 6th, and the buzz about the album has been that legendary rocker Steve Vai did a guest solo on the track ‘Carnage Asada’. That track has been released today, exclusively through Guitar World. The track does sound like it could lead to a lot of meat-related carnage, featuring crazy, dissonant sections as well as good old fashioned headbanger riffs. The much-hyped Vai solo occurs midway through the song over a bouncy piano riff, and contains a lot of Whammy wankery. It doesn’t seem likely that Vai went into a ten day fast to put himself into the right state of mind for this one, as he did when he recorded the song “For The Love of God”. Still worth checking out though.

Check the album when it comes out August 6th, and catch IWABO on this summers All Stars Tour.


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