Converge to release live 7″

Posted by on December 5, 2013


It seems like Converge is holding us over while we (very impatiently) wait for a new album.  They’ve been into non-album releases lately, and they just announced a new 7 inch, “Live at the BBC” on their own Deathwish Inc.  The new release was recorded at Maide Vale Studios in London in 2010 and will include live in the studio versions of “Dark Horse,” “Axe To Fall” and “Damages.” We also got word that it’ll have a rare electric version of “Hanging Moon.” We definitely can’t wait to hear that. The release date and pre-ordering information will be announced soon.

Not too shabby. I guess we’ll have to keep waiting for that new studio album.  In the mean time, this isn’t a half bad Christmas gift, assuming it’s out by then. I mean, look at that artwork. That’s going to look good under the tree.


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