Bill Ward hints at new band

Posted by on July 2, 2015

We have seen the constant battle between Black Sabbath’s Ozzy Osbourne and Ex-Black Sabbath Bill Ward over the past months but the brawl has been quiet for a while already, maybe because Ozzy is possibly too busy getting ready to tour this fall and Bill is focused on his new solo album recently released or maybe because he’s crafting a secret band?

In a recent interview with LA Radio Studio, Bill spoke about the new album Accountable Beasts but also commented about a new, unheard project he’s been working on:

I think it’s just everything going on, you know, we’ve kept it a secret; it keeps leaking a little bit, but you know I have a new rock trio, as well. And so, we can’t officially say anything about it but after this interview I’m on my way to rehearse with them. We’re in the studio starting Monday (June 15th) recording a brand new album with the rock trio, besides BWB (Bill Ward Band). So, yours truly, I was kicking ass. I played drums for eight hours yesterday. I mean seriously, I’m getting down and just f–king playing.

No word on who are the other two members but considering he said “we can’t officially say antything…” it gives the impression the others are known musicians with easy access to the media, so we may be looking at a super-trio here. If you are curious about what Bill can write on his own, you can get his solo album here.


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