Bill Ward announces details of new solo album

Posted by on August 19, 2013

billwardBeing booted from Black Sabbath hasn’t kept Bill Ward sitting still. The original drummer for the band has announced that a solo album, Accountable Beasts, is in mixing stages, according to a recent interview with Joel Gausten.com.

The former Sabbath drummer, who Ozzy told The New York Daily News is too out of shape to sit behind the Sabbath kit, says he is not performing with the band over a contract dispute. While Ward made further indications that he would still be happy to commit to a full tour with his fellow 60+ year-old metal veterans, regardless he’ll show his solitary capabilities on a forthcoming release. When asked where he’d like to be in a year, he replied:

I’d like to be playing more drums in a band. If it could be Black Sabbath, wonderful. But if it isn’t Black Sabbath, I do have something else in mind where I can still get to play drums. As much as I love writing and everything, I miss being out on the road. I miss playing live and I miss traveling. As much as I like everything else I’m doing, it would be very nice to be there in a year’s time, being busy on a stage somewhere.

While Osbourne says that there is an open door for Ward to rejoin Black Sabbath, Brad Wilk of Rage Against the Machine stood in on the recording of  their No. 1 album, 13, and Tommy Clufetos has been helping out on tour.  No clear indications of an official release date for Ward’s album have been given, but maybe this is his way of proving he still has it.

[Joel Gausten via Revolver]

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