Album art, track listing unveiled for new Periphery albums

Posted by on November 17, 2014

juggernautomegajuggernautalphaPeriphery are releasing a juggernaut in January. Actually, two Juggernauts. And while the news was surprising when it came out, today the album art and track listing for Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega has been released. Both of the albums, which will be out on January 27th on Sumerian, will be housed in an outer, die cut o-card with the band’s logo. The booklet cover was illustrated by graphic novelist Justin Randall, and each album will have a 12-page booklet with illustrations that highlight the concept of the albums. It looks like Omega will be the more epic of the albums, with the title track, at 11:44, one of the longest tracks the band’s released. Here are the track listings for each album:

Juggernaut: Alpha

A Black Minute (4:16)
MK Ultra (2:50)
Heavy Heart (4:22)
The Event (1:45)
The Scourge (5:36)
Alpha (5:31)
22 Faces (3:52)
Rainbow Gravity (4:39)
Four Lights (2:18)
Psychoshpere (6:16)

Juggernaut: Omega

Reprise (1:25)
The Bad Thing (5:54)
Priestess (5:04)
Graveless (3:56)
Hell Below (3:43)
Omega (11:44)
Stranger Things (7:35)




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