Metallica’s Lars Ulrich might move to Denmark if Trump is elected

Posted by on October 5, 2016

Last year, Randy Blythe told us in an interview that he would leave America if Donald Trump was elected. Of course back in December, that was a pretty abstract notion, and happened long before he was our Republican Presidential nominee. Well as of yesterday, he might have another high profile musician joining him in leaving the country – Metallica’s Lars Ulrich. In an interview with Danish paper Ekstra Bladet, the drummer said that he’s still a 100% Danish citizen and can’t vote in the election, but he might return back if Trump is elected:

Yes, I am as certainly and think sometimes. I stick to my Danish passport in the event that there is something erratically over here. If everything collapses, I’ll come enough to stand out at the airport and ask if I can get in again.

Granted, that’s Google Translate at work, but the sentiment is there. Of course there’s absolutely no way that Lars would really move back regardless of who’s elected, it’s pretty obvious who’s side he’s on. Then again, with only 43 days until Hardwired… To Self Destruct is out. he’s got an album to promote and a tour (or many more) to do. One of the shows they’ll be playing, however, will be a brand new stadium, the Royal Arena Colloseum that they’ll be opening. Bringing up the fact that they were the first band to play both the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis and Videotron Centre in Quebec City, Lars quipped “so if there is someone who has some building to be inaugurated, then they just call us!”

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