Walter Schreifels Covers Agnostic Front

Posted by on April 13, 2010


Considering Walter Schreifels got his start in Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today, you’d think he’d know his way around a hardcore classic. So when the vocalist, who’s also logged time in Quicksand and Rival Schools covered Agnostic Front’s “Society Suckers,” we weren’t quite what to expect, but we sure weren’t expecting an acoustic version. His  (softcore?) version helps draw attention to the anti-materialism lyrics, and might appeal to former punks that grew up and dress their kids in Dead Kennedys baby clothes, but we’ll take the real version anytime.

Schreifels’ solo album, An Open Letter to the Scene, will be released on May 4 on Academy Fight Song Records. Some proceeds from sales of the album will go to One Love for Chi.

Check out the original version of “Society Suckers” after the jump:


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