This Watain video should be ‘Outlaw’ed

Posted by on December 5, 2013

Today has been a pretty good day for Century Media Records. Just a few hours after In This Moment released their new music video for “Whore,” the label follows it up with the polar opposite – Watain’s first ever video for their song “Outlaw” from their latest album The Wild Hunt. It’s a pretty solid video, especially if you’re into the whole “grainy, terrifying looking, mostly satanic” kind of thing. Why did it take so long for the band to make a video? We’re guessing because they might have been spending their video budget on animal carcasses for their live show, but that’s mostly conjecture on our part.

The band said that “the ‘Outlaw’ video is a knife stab in the face of today’s clean and witty metal scene and yet another step for us to bring back something real and extreme into this limping music movement.” They certainly are bringing back the creepy vibe in this video (which is totally cool by us). If you’re interested in hearing more about the inspiration behind the video, you can head over to the band’s web site for a short interview with Erik.


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