This Mushroomhead video for ‘QWERTY’ could be just your type

Posted by on June 10, 2014


Mushroomhead’s promo shot announcing their new album The Righteous & the Butterfly looked like it was shot in a haunted house. And for the first video for the album, “QWERTY,” it looks like they returned to the same environment. Watching the slightly unsettling video reminds us how long it’s been since a metal band played with masks. It’s actually a nicely shot video that conveys the creepy carnival vibe of the song. If you’re a Mushroomhead fan, you’ll love this video. If you’re a horror fan, you might find it interesting as well. If you have a low tolerance for dudes in suits and masks jumping around and giving the finger, then you might not be as thrilled.

Mushroomhead will be playing this summer’s Mayhem Festival. You can check out the dates here.


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