The latest Mushroomhead press shot reminds us of something…

Posted by on March 28, 2014


It’s been four years since Mushroomhead released an album, 2010’s Beuatiful Stories for Ugly Children. And with the Valentine’s Day announcement that their eighth album, The Righteous & the Butterfly, is coming out in May and their still-unconfirmed stint on this summer’s Mayhem Fest, they had good reason to get some press pics shot. And while their semi-feud with fellow midwestern masked band Slipknot has cooled by now, their latest press photos remind us a bit of something.

Namely this:



and this:



In fact, there’s a thread on the band’s Facebook page with the picture that even the band has chosen to weigh in on. “It’s 2014 can we really give up on the negative comparisons?” the band asked. They followed it up with “It’s a funny comparison, however, all promo was taken at a local haunted house that stitch himself does all the set design for,” referring to turntablist Rick “St1tch” Thomas. “Put 9 guys in masks in a creepy setting and it’s gonna look similar. If the photo was not colored to be greenish no one would have made the comparison. Please can we stop being negative and quick to compare? Like us or don’t simple as that. Everything we do or post does not have to be followed by wehter [sic] or not the egg or the chicken came first. Just enjoy the music and art.”

Fair enough, Mushroomhead. I guess we’ll all judge the album itself on its merit when it comes out on May 13th.

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