Metallica have a more metal washing machine than you

Posted by on March 2, 2015

How much money does having the best selling album of the SoundScan era afford you? Enough for you to buy a road case – for your washing machine. At least that’s what Metallica did, according to a tweet that Kirk Hammett put up. “Even our laundry is metal when we tour,” his tweet reads, with the hashtag “NoWeArentOnTour.” There’s presumably a companion dryer, but he chose to hold off on tweeting that, because the band needs at least a little mystery.

The best thing to come of this is all the laundry-related puns that have come of this, with “Hit the Whites” and “Ain’t My Bleach” coming from one person and “To Live is to Dry” another, alongside a handful of not particularly funny ones. At any rate, while it’s not the most metal thing in the world to bring a washer and dryer on the road with you, we’re sure that most bands would love to do that if it was logistically possible.

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