Hey guys, welcome to 2013. Is it everything you thought it would be so far? There might not be flying cars or commercial space travel yet, but there is Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades” being covered by robots. Look, we know we showed you a robot playing the bassline for a Muse song last year, but Compresserhead makes that robot look like the biggest pussy ever. These machines have charisma, look awesome, and play all of the instruments, not just bass. And while it looks like there are only three robots playing, there’s actually a fourth smaller one handling the high hat to go along with the four-armed Mikkey Dee impersonator.

Apparently Compressorhead is an actual thing, although their website wouldn’t load, which is really ironic when you think about it. The band, which consists of “guitarist” Fingers, “bassist” Bones and drummer “Stickboy” will be playing Australia’s Big Day Out festival alongside a bunch of bands that aren’t robots. Check out fan-filmed footage (they have fans?) of Compressorhead covering Pantera’s “Becoming” after the jump. And fear for your life, because the robots are taking over!