The Faceless is just Michael Keene once again

Posted by on March 19, 2018

Last  year The Faceless released their largely solid In Becoming A Ghost, their first album with vocalist Ken Sorceron. And their last, apparently. Not only has Sorceron left the band after a two year run, but so have drummer Bryce Butler and rhythm guitarist Justin McKinney leaving Keene the only member in the bnad. All three departing members of the band left similar statements on Facebook, essentially not naming Michael Keene as their reason for leaving, but stating more or less that if you read the internet, that’s why. There has been many rumors about Keene’s alleged drug use, and while that may or may not be the issue behind cancelled shows and a high rate of turnover within the band, they’re once again back to just one member.

The departing members all gave props to manager EJ Shannon and stated that they’ll be focusing their energy on other projects. Sorceron will be focusing on Abigail Williams and the Accuser, and Butler will be joining AW as their live drummer. McKinney will be focusing on The Zenith Passage. According to Metal Sucks, Shannon says that none of the band’s shows (which appear to be in June) will be cancelled, which gives Keene some time to find a new band. 

UPDATE: The Faceless released a statement about the departures, confirming that no shows will be missed.

Here are the former members’ statements: 

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