Michael Keene is confident on rebuilding The Faceless

Posted by on March 20, 2018

Yesterday (19th), The Faceless nearly became faceless when all members aside from Michael Keene quit. Hours after the news, Keene left a brief message on the band’s Facebook to assure fans that there is a future for the group.

He stated:

“I would like to publicly address the situation that The Faceless is currently in. I will keep this short and sweet:

My manager and I have been talking to new members for all of the positions that have been left empty today. We are currently confirming a lineup with some of the best, most creative and technically proficient musicians of the extreme metal genre. We will not be canceling any shows.

-Michael Keene”

It’s encouraging that the band will continue on, and will be interesting to see who they get. On the one hand, what musician wouldn’t want a boost to their career by joining one of the premiere technical death metal bands? But on the other hand, any musician with the internet or a network that includes any former Faceless members has probably heard stories, or even just looked at the “past members” section of their Wikipedia page to see that their new gig might be a temporary gig at best. Regardless, good luck to everyone involved.

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