Surprising few, Suffokate part with vocalist

Posted by on April 18, 2014

suffokateThe last time we’d heard from Suffokate, the band had a few words for their vocalist, Matthew Krawchuk. Those words were “fuck you,” because the singer apparently bailed because he was “deported to Canada.” This happened just a few weeks after the band posted that he disappeared after a show and they couldn’t find him. Now it appears that his time in the band has come to an end, thanks to an update posted by the band on their Facebook page.

We will be hitting the recording studio April 28th to record 2 new songs. We can’t wait to release these new songs and want to thank all our fans for their continued support we promise we won’t dissapoint! We have a new vocalist, and some tours that are happening this summer but we won’t be giving out details yet. We will post new music , tour information, and announce our new vocalist all together. Leave us a comment letting us know if your excited for the new music, as well as where you want us to play on tour.

Krawchuk was in the band for just over a year, having replaced Ricky Hoover. Hopefully the new singer of the deathcore band will be able to spell better than the rest of them.

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