Suffokate vocalist goes missing (again), band says “f**k you”

Posted by on March 31, 2014


There’s some weird drama happening with deathcore act Suffokate; the band recently had an incident where their singer, Matthew Krawchuk, went  and disappeared on the band one night after a show in Santa Cruz. Krawchuk was eventually found the next day alive and well, but it was never specified where he disappeared to or why. Still, it all turned out okay, so you’d think things would go back to normal for the band after a strange episode.

Or not. Apparently, Krawchuk gave the band the slip again over the weekend when the band was set to play the Extreme Thing festival in Las Vegas. According to a video that drummer Lars Diaz posted to the band’s Facebook (available above), Krawchuk claims that he was…deported to Canada? Well, at least we know where he went this time. However, the rest of the band obviously isn’t buying it as evidenced by the “fuck you” at the beginning of the video. The band then commented on the post with an update in response to fans who were siding with Krawchuk:

We have asked matt for any documentation or proof if his deportation since the day he left and have gotten none. I personally called immigration to check for any record of him being deported and immigration said they NEVER DEPORTED HIM so how about matt posts his proof on this page if he has it. If you think an asshole who doesn’t contact us, who also apparently told other people he was gonna quit, who provides no proof of his deportation , and ditches the day of a show which shows no respect for our fans, is a legit dude then that’s your opinion……. in our opinion anyone who does this after a year a half of us working the band going is a COWARD AND A JOKE! We were not gonna let him post a video giving a bullshit excuse/explanation! P.s. who deletes his facebook account after pulling something like this unless they have something to hide l??!! Matt you fucked up!!!!

Obviously, there are two sides to every story, but considering Krawchuk has ditched the band before and deleted his Facebook, he doesn’t exactly have much of a defense. In any case, it looks like his days in Suffokate are numbered.



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