Last week, singer Derek Rydquist confirmed speculation that he parted ways with The Faceless. Shortly after his confirmation, the band released their own statement on Facebook. Guitarist Michael Keene had the following to say:

“So, as some of you may have heard, Derek is no longer in The Faceless. We wish him the best of luck and will always value the time he spent in our band. Our new vocalists name is Geoffrey Ficco and he is truly a beast! If you’ve heard our demo for “The Eidolon Reality” than you’ve already heard his punishing vocals 😉 Surprise!”

So there you have it. Not only is it confirmed that Geoff Ficco (whose has been performing with the band in Europe) is their new vocalist, but that they’ve already started recording new material with him. Thus, it would appear that their new album is still on track to be released this Fall via Sumerian Records. We’ll keep you posted if more develops.