fit for an autopsy

With a big tour with Whitechapel and DevilDriver confirmed for next month and a few dates between now and then, Fit For An Autopsy is looking at a busy next couple of month. Before all that happens, the band has brought in a new singer. The band posted the following to Facebook:

It only took 7 years, but Fit For An Autopsy has inevitably been “Nate Johnsoned”. If you know anything about his past you know that we were left with with out a singer, at the worst possible time. So with out anymore bullshit or banter, we are happy to welcome Greg Wilburn (oblige, the devastated) to the Fit For An Autopsy team. We will be doing all the tours that have been announced, Including New England Metal and Hardcore fest and all the shows surround it. #natesfuckingoutgregsfuckingin

Sounds a bit like the band might have been experiencing problems akin to Suffokate in terms of singers. Johnson is no stranger to leaving bands, however. He’s also been in Since the Flood, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Burnt by the Sun, Premonitions of War, The_Network, Turmoil and Deadwater Drowning. On the same post, the band responded to a fan regarding Wilburn’s prowess:

we have been working with Greg for a couple weeks now. He has a lot more range and ability then anyone including ourselves expected. We are smart enough to know what will work, and he’s got some pipes. Nick was mentioned but Greg is the best choice.

The band have the first of many shows taking place tomorrow, so inevitable someone will nab a recording of the band playing with Wilburn so fans can judge for themselves.