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Posted by on June 27, 2014

tesseractIt’s kind of interesting – when you think about it, djent is one of the few genres in which it’s not that unusual to have numerous vocalist changes. Periphery have had more vocalists than they have albums, and TesseracT change vocalists like they change underwear. Now they’ve decided to move on without singer Ashe O’Hara, who sang on the band’s excellent album Altered State from last year. And their replacement is… former vocalist Daniel Tompkins. Here’s what the band said via their Facebook page:

We have amicably parted ways with Ashe as we have found ourselves in different places, creatively. Ashe is a fantastic talent and will continue to be successful in his career and we wish him the absolute best!

Moving forward for TesseracT – Daniel Tompkins will be rejoining us as a full time member of the band. Starting from our main stage performance at Sonisphere, UK on 05.07.14. We are also looking forward to starting writing and recording album three with Daniel, which will begin later this year.

Tompkins was originally in the band from 2009 – 2011. Since his departure, he’s sang in the band Skyharbor, which he’s still listed as a member of. In addition, he’s performed in the  band Colour and is apparently working on a solo project, White Moth Black Butterfly.  It’ll be great to hear what Tompkins comes up with for the band’s third album before inevitably being replaced for the fourth.




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