liv kristineIt must be strange to be a fan of a certain band since they started and seeing one of those vital members depart from it, but sooner or later, that is bound to happen. Symphonic metal band Leaves’ Eyes announced the departure of their long-time front lady and founding member Liv Kristine. At the same time, they announced their new singer,  Elina Siirala.

The statement released by the band reads as follows:

“Liv was the female voice of the band since the beginning in 2003. Together we toured through fifty countries and five continents. Moreover, we recorded six studio albums with outstanding singer Liv. We are full of pride in what we have reached together!

“From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank Liv for amazing thirteen years of being our front lady, the work we have done together and all the passion for music that we shared all these years! We wish Liv all the best for the future, her solo career and other projects!

“Liv will always be an important part of the LEAVES’ EYES history but now we are looking forward to a new chapter and the new musical adventures of LEAVES’ EYES!

“We embrace Elina with open arms and hearts! She is a fantastic singer and performer. Please, welcome the new female voice of LEAVES’ EYES: sensational Elina Siirala!”

Kristine also released a message about her departure stating:

“I am highly proud of having been founding member and front lady of LEAVES’ EYES, which has played a vital role in my life since 2003.

“Good luck, guys. Thank you for the amazing music, outstanding moments with our worldwide audiences, moreover, the passion we all share.”

The announcement came right before the band was scheduled to performed at the Hammersonic festival in Indonesia where Siirala made her debut show. You can watch video of their show below.