It’s a testament to the speed of social media when you a band member can effectively break up a band with one posting on their Facebook page before the label hears about it. Apparently, the band was on a flight back from Belgium, where they played yesterday (15), when something shady went down on the flight back.


“A big thanks to Tommy and I’s “brothers” for standing up for us on the flight… Great… The 3 of u are cunts. Crowbar as U know it is over!!!!! Fuck off faggots!!! I am Crowba, and Crowbar is me… Have fun!!!! Kirk

Tommy would refer to drummer Tommy Buckley. That would leave the future of the remainder of the band up in the air. Also up in the air would be the band’s touring future. They were set to start another leg of their current European tour in early August. It’d be assumed that the Kirk and Tommy might be able to find other members to fill in, but there are several variables at play. For one, is he breaking up the band for good, or just firing those members? Also, it’d be irresponsible to suggest that Windstein might have made the post in the heat of passion and or drunkenness (although he’s been sober lately), but there’s a possibility that he’s had some time to think about it and will change his mind. Regardless, more information will probably come to light, as if there was an incident on a plane that led to a confrontation, there will probably be witnesses.

[UPDATE]: According to the band’s publicist, everything is status quo. After speaking with Kirk, there’s nothing wrong with the band, they’re not broken up, nor is anyone out of the band.