It’s official: Creed singer Scott Stapp to front Art of Anarchy

Posted by on May 3, 2016

scottstapphqSomething interesting and fun to do when it comes to rumors regarding the moves a band may be planning on doing, is speculating how likely they are to happen or trying to foretell what the outcome of said rumors would be.

Yesterday, the rumors about former Creed frontman Scott Stapp’s involvement in a big project started to get around the internet after an interview conducted by  WNNX/Atlanta’s Bailey and Southside show. The initial thoughts about the project Stapp had been working on gave some hint that it would be fronting the now singer-less band Stone Temple Pilots. After the interviewer asked him directly if that was the band he was working, Stapp neither confirmed or denied the possibility, but said there was six degrees of separation between STP and his new gig. After STP shot down the rumors about Stapp joining their ranks, we finally have word on which project he was talking about, which is indeed a few degrees separated from STP..

Stapp revealed that he will be the new frontman for all-star band Art of Anarchy, a project which former STP’s Scott Weiland was involved in before his passing. Weiland was featured as a session musician during the initial state of the band but then faced some issues with them, and by “issues” we mean he called them a “scam.”

Stapp said in a statement revealing the news:

” I wanted to clarify any confusions on STP and my comment. First off, Scott Weiland in STP is irreplaceable. I was recently asked what I’m currently working on in an interview and could not reveal details or announce this new project. This led the interviewer to assume it was STP and he eagerly kept asking for more details. Evidently my response caused confusion.

“I’m excited to share I’ve been working with Art of Anarchy band whose members are Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, formerly of Guns N’ Roses, John Moyer of Disturbed and Jon and Vince Votta. Original announcement was slated for July along with our first single and album to follow but happy to share this announcement sooner to clarify.

“Art of Anarchy is the project that I was referring to in the interview, not STP. Scott Weiland was a part of Art of Anarchy and that’s the six degrees of separation I was referring to. Always been a fan of STP and I wish them all the best in their search for a new singer.”

There you have it! It may not be the same as fronting STP but Stapp is still replacing Weiland in some sort of way in one of his musical endeavors.



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