Is Ace Frehley rejoining KISS next year?

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While KISS just keep touring and Gene Simmons keeps himself in the news however he can, quite possibly, the biggest success story of the past five years regarding the band is founding guitarist Ace Frehley, who hasn’t been in the band since 2002. His 2014 solo album, Space Invader, debuted at #9 on Billboard’s chart, the first time a solo member of KISS has accomplished that. Last year’s covers album, Origins, Vol. 1 featured a track with his former bandmate Paul Stanley. However, if you put any stock into DJ and former That Metal Show host Eddie Trunk, Ace could be returning to the band next year.

Speaking on his SiriusXM show, Trunk stated:

“As of September 15 of this year, Ace Frehley has celebrated 10 years of sobriety. I’m really happy for my old friend. That’s a great accomplishment for him. It certainly shows in his personality, his playing. We had a great time in New York when I hosted a show with him on Friday. There are rampant rumours out there that Ace is going to return to Kiss next year. These are not rumours that I’m putting out – I’ve not said anything about that one way or another. I’m hearing from so many people. They keep saying, ‘They’re going to ask him back, he’s going to do one more tour with them in 2017.’”

Trunk said he asked Frehley backstage at a show point blank if anyone had called him to discuss, and he replied “Np. I’d do it, but nobody’s called me.” Given that he’s sober now and that there’s not too much excitement in the KISS camp, Ace’s return to the fold could help spark ticket sales for their neverending farewell tour. It’s not clear what that would mean for Tommy Thayer, who’s been in the band since Frehley’s last departure in 2002.

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