Gary Holt Wouldn’t Leave Exodus For Slayer

Posted by on April 2, 2013


In a recent interview, Kerry King suggested that he would extend Exodus guitarist Gary Holt, who’s been filling in for the ailing Jeff Hanneman, a seat at the Slayer table should Hanneman not be well enough to carry on with Slayer. However, he stated that he hadn’t really discussed with with Holt, who recently gave his opinion during an interview with MetalTitans.com. In short, he wouldn’t do it if it meant he couldn’t continue on with Exodus. This is what he told the interviewer Peter Ruttan when asked if he’d consider becoming a permanent member of Slayer:

Not if it meant the end of what I’ve been doing my whole life. If I could manage both, you know… But I’ve been filling in for just over two years now and I’m booked all year with them. But I’m just keeping the work going with Exodus and I’ve been doing a lot of riff writing on tour. And on the summer [run] with Slayer, I’m taking a little portable, digital recording rig with me so I can continue working on [new Exodus] stuff in hotel rooms and shit.

So he hasn’t ruled out continuing with both bands, but after a while, he’d probably have to make a decision. If he can keep up his schedule for the foreseeable future, it’ll work for both bands. And given that King is fine with writing new Slayer material by himself, that would free up Holt to keep his own riffs for Exodus songs. Maybe Slayer could continually tour with Exodus, like Ozzy did with Black Label Society to keep Zakk Wydle happy. Or maybe it will ultimately come down to money. But given the way things shook out with Dave Lombardo, it doesn’t seem like they’re in any hurry to compensate anyone for more than they feel they’re worth.

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