Watch A 14 Year-Old Nail Van Halen’s “Eruption”

Posted by on May 22, 2013

Meet 14 year-old Tina S. At 14 years old, she’s nine years younger than Eddie Van Halen was when he revolutionalized two handed finger tapping with “Eruption,” his solo on Van Halen’s first album in 1978. However, she totally pulls off the solo note for note, looking nonchalant while doing it. It’s not like this is Tina’s first go-round on the guitar, though; there’s another video of her playing F. Carullli’s “Andante” on an acoustic guitar that’s almost as big as she is from a year ago. If this girl decides to write some original material and/or join a band, she’ll be dangerous. If nothing else, she’s definitely gained temporary internet notoriety; the clip has racked up 144,000 views in only three days. Click through to see her in action. 


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