OU81-Shoe? Eddie Van Halen Sues Nike

Posted by on June 19, 2009

nike-shoeThe next time Van Halen goes runnin’ with the devil, they won’t be wearing Nikes.

Remember Eddie Van Halen’s signature guitar design? The red guitar with the white and black stripes on it? It’s called the “Frankenstein,” and according to a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Eddie, Nike based a shoe on it. Nike, of course, has denied that their kicks have anything to do with his axe, issuing a statement to everyone’s favorite shoe and sneaker-related trade magazine Footwear News.

Based on the information provided to us, we have not infringed on any rights held by Mr. Van Halen,” it said. “Nike’s Dunk shoe design is not substantially similar to any of the Van Halen designs, and Nike has not referenced the ‘Van Halen’ name or image as part of any marketing campaign or promotional material associated with the shoe.”

Apparently, Eddie Van Halen’s company, ELVH Inc., has owned the “Frankenstein” copywright since 2001, and earlier this year used the design for their own sneakers through a company called FEA Merchandising. That company name doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Nike, Puma or Adidas. And also, it took until 2001 for Van Halen to license a design that was super popular 15-20 years ago? Sounds like it’ll be an interesting trial.  The suit asks that all of the existing Nike Dunk Lows featuring the design be impounded and destroyed and asks for profits from the sale of the shoes as well as damages.

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