Testament singer Chuck Billy is down with vaping

Posted by on March 13, 2015


While Testament appear to be doing pretty well for themselves (unless you’re a former bassist), that doesn’t mean that they’re  not looking for additional sources of income beyond touring, merch  and album sales. Last year, they began offering stock in their songs, which didn’t get you any actual financial stock, but was still sort of a cool idea. Chuck Billy is also an artist manager now. And now he’s branching out in to the world of vaping, with his own custom herbal vaporizer pen from Lord Vaper Pens.

The press release hysterically claims that “In a time where most herbal smoking products and accessories are marketed heavily towards urban and hip-hop audiences, hard rockers and metalheads alike have been left clamoring for a brand and manufacturer to step up to the plate and offer them accessories that they can truly call their own.” It’s really hard to imagine a room full of people that vape clamoring for a non hip-hop-endorsed vaporizer, but if that’s your thing, finally you can stick it to the man and smoke a METAL vape pen. Billy’s custom pen is called “The Chief,” and can be ordered today at www.lordvaperpens.com. If you’re one of the first 1,000 people to order, you’ll get an individually numbered pen that was autographed by Chuck Billy. You don’t see those hip hop vaping companies doing that. Think about that next time you’re smoking up.

Here’s what Billy has to say about his latest endorsement:

“I’m very excited to release “The Chief” herbal vaporizer from Lord Vaper Pens – we’ve been discussing the potential release of this product for quite some time and I’m glad to say it’s now a reality. We’ve actually modified “The Chief” by turning up the temperature settings higher than what this style of vaporizer typically features. We’ve learned that these new settings are a desirable feature based on feedback from Lord Vaper Pens users. As someone who is in the business of giving music fans what they want – I feel it is important to translate that passion into this venture by listening closely to the consumer.”

We’re not sure what the temperature thing is all about, but if you already vape, you probably do. And if you’re truly looking for a metal version of not smoking cigarettes, you’ve found it.

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