Now Testament is offering fans a piece of their action

Posted by on December 2, 2014


Remember a few weeks ago when Queensryche offered fans a chance to buy a stake in the band? Testament is following suit,  but instead of owning part of the band, you’ll own part of one of their songs, and it’ll cost far less than $50,000. If you’re a fan of “Native Blood” from Dark Roots of Earth, you’ll want to pay attention to this. The band have partnered with the New York Rock Exchange to offer “Songshares” in the track.

There are only 100 shares of the song available, and they range in price from $15 to $100, which is pretty affordable, given that a download of the song would run you 99 cents regardless. You’ll get a hand-signed Gold NYRE share certificate signed by Chuck Billy and Eric Peterson and a hand-numbered lithograph of original “Native Blood” artwork. You’ll also get bragging rights for social media, access to a conference call with Chuck and Eric and early access to the band’s 2015 album, because nothing says “metal” like a conference call.

It does seem like it’ll be a good gift for a Testament fan, and for the right song, and buying shares of songs is like buying a stock for a company you believe in. That being said, the site states that the shares aren’t a real investment, meaning you won’t have any financial stake in the music, which is far different from Queensryche’s offer. It’s more of a bragging rights kind of thing, which totally makes sense if you really like the band. The shares are on sale today.


[via Guitar World]


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