bike rammstein

If you’re thinking you just had deja vu after reading that headline, you didn’t, because earlier today we told you about Slayer getting into the a new line of merchandising by releasing their own line of bikes. But it seems like everyone wants to get into this business, and Rammstein just announced a bike of their own.

Rammstein teamed up with Berlin’s bike manufacturer Schindelhauerbikes to release a limited edition bike:

A high-quality, exclusive single speed bike in a limited edition of 100 – designed and built in collaboration with Schindelhauerbikes in Berlin. Specially designed frame geometry and innovative technology fuse with purist Rammstein design.

If you want to be one of the 100 lucky owners of the Rammbike, you can order it on their website right here. There’s even a video clip for it that involves fire. Just know that it won’t come cheap, as it’ll run you about $1885 with the exchange rate.