When you think about it, if any band have earned the right to their own beer, it’s AC/DC. Their fans range in age from nowhere near old enough to drink to decrepit, even soccer moms know the chorus to “You Shook Me All Night Long” and most of their music sounds like it was written for the sole purpose of being played in arenas at sporting events. On the other hand, their second vocalist Bon Scott did pass away from alcohol poisoning. Regardless, the Australian band have gotten their own line of beer in Germany, and it’s spreading beyond Europe.

The beer is a relatively mild (for Germany) 5% alcohol by volume and comes in a 16 oz. can and a 5 liter mini-keg, not unlike Heineken. According to their website, the beer “ignites on the tongue like a ton of TNT,” which sounds unsafe to say the least. Like most awesome alcohol/rock tie ins, the product is not available in the United States. It is available in Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary though. It’s also coming to Romania, Russia and Brazil soon. Which basically means everywhere but here.

[via 96.5thefox]