Behold the most metal bottle opener ever

Posted by on April 29, 2016

carcassbottleopenerA bone saw isn’t really a practical thing to have lying around unless you work in a morgue. However, if you could open your beer with one, that changes everything. That’s where Carcass come in. The band are now selling a replica of the bone saw that adorns 2013’s Surgical Steel, but instead of using it to dissect a body, you can use it to open a beer. Actually, both are technically both to crack open a cold one, if you think about it.  The bottle opener is available to purchase for $19.99, which is expensive for a bottle opener, but a small price to pay for metal immortality, which you’ll instantly achieve as soon as you get this. It’s even got the band’s old-school logo on it, just like the one on the album cover.

It’s unclear whether the band will be selling the bottle openers on tour in July with Crowbar, Ghoul and Night Demon, but if you can hold out until July, you can find out then. You probably can’t though, so head over to Nuclear Blast’s webstore and pick it up.

[via Metal Sucks]


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