Wisebrew: Corrosion Of Conformity Collaborate On Beer

Posted by on January 23, 2013

Metal and beer go hand in hand. We know this. It’s always exciting when a band collaborates with brewers on a beer. I was totally envious of anyone who got to try New Belgium’s Clutch beer before it came out. But I’ll try to be more alert when the latest brew efforts between Kennesaw, GA breweries Burnt Hickory and Anderson Bros. arrive in bars and package stores, because it’s named after one of Raleigh, NC’s greatest exports, Corrosion Of Conformity.

I think this band is awesome, so I would be down to try this beer without even knowing what kind it was. However, this beer is going to have it’s own kind of greatness outside of being tied to C.O.C. as a rum-barrel-aged imperial raisin porter. There’s going to be a lot going on with the flavor profile of this beer, and I think I’m going to be almost as excited to try it as I was to check out C.O.C.’s latest record. The Burnt Hickory Facebook page describes it as “Think Cinnabon with balls” if that’s any indication of anything.

A video that Burnt Hickory recently posted online shows them brewing the beer and gives you a look at the barrel that it’s going to be aged in, where they say “it will be treated to a constant loop of the Technocracy EP for the duration of its stay.” I know how important music is when you’re brewing beer; I hope the oatmeal stout I brewed a few weeks ago reacts favorably to all the Pantera I was listening during the mash. But either way, I’ll certainly be trying to get my hands on a bottle of Corrosion of Conformity later on this year. In the meantime, go ferment over “The Doom” from C.O.C.’s latest self-titled record after the jump.

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