Iron Maiden have now teamed up with Trooper and Robinsons Brewery to launch collector bottle caps. The exclusive caps will be featured on all Trooper beer throughout the month of October including a special Halloween-inspired Day of the Dead. Every Iron Maiden album from their self-titled to their 2015 Book of Souls will be featured on a bottle cap. An exclusive collector frame is also available to show off all the bottle caps.

Sam Kennerley, Trooper brand manager, said:

“Iron Maiden and Trooper fans are some of the most dedicated and passionate in the world, so we wanted to create something completely new and different for them. IRON MAIDEN is so iconic and distinctive, and creating the bottlecaps is just one of the ways we wanted to celebrate the band and its amazing artwork.”

The collector bottle caps will also be available on select mixed beer boxes of Hallowed, 666 and Red N’ Black. The beer will be available globally, so go find your local Trooper dealer here!