Carcass has released the second video from 2013s Surgical Steel, for the song “The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills.” This video is more live-action than the previous video for “Unfit For Human Consumption,” but since it’s Carcass, we’ll take what we can get!

In an interview with Invisible Oranges, bassist and vocalist Jeff Walker won’t explain the chorus on this one:

“People keep asking me what the chorus is, the numbers on “The Dark Granulating Satanic Mills,” and I’m not going to say. I’ve heard some interesting theories as to what those numbers are about, and that is far more interesting than the reality.”


Carcass is putting out an EP, titled Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel. The release will feature five songs recorded during the Surgical Steel sessions, and it comes out November 11th.

Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel tracklisting:

1. A Wraith In The Apparatus
2. Intensive Battery Brooding
3. Zochrot
4. Livestock Marketplace
5. 1985 (reprise)