Got $1000 for a Gene Simmons mask?

Posted by on February 15, 2016

authentic-limited-edition-kiss-gene-simmons-demon-mask (1)Halloween isn’t happening for another eight and a half months, but it’s never too soon to start thinking about what you’ll be wearing this October 31st. Why are we telling you this now? Because if you’re an ultimate KISS fan, you’ll probably want to start saving now. Halloweencostumes.com, in conjunction with Immortal Masks has unveiled a Gene Simmons ‘The Demon’ mask that’s available now. The mask boasts airbrushed silicone that looks and feels like skin, realistic hair, and a mesh core to increase durability. It won’t come cheap, though. The mask is limited to 200 copies, and it won’t come cheap, as it costs $999.99.  As you can see from the images, it’s incredibly lifelike, in that it makes you look like you’re in your ’60s, and you probably will have to be about that old to afford it. We’d imagine that half of these are going to be sold to people that just want an awesome conversation piece for their man cave. However, if you want to pick one up, here’s where you can do it.

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