Ten metal reunions we’d love to see but probably never will

Posted by on January 31, 2019

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We might already be a month in to 2019, and this year has been peppered with great news on upcoming tours, but there’s still a good 10+ months to give metal fans what they’ve been salivating for.

Here’s our Top 10 reunions we’d like to see:

10) Deicide – 1989-2004 lineup


Glen Benton – Bass and Vocals

Eric Hoffman – Guitar

Brian Hoffman – Guitar

Steve Asheim – Drums

There might be more than a little bad blood here, but money talks. It’s guaranteed, this lineup will pack the clubs every night.


09) Misfits – Michale Graves Era (1995-2000)


Michale Graves – Vocals

Doyle – Guitar

Jerry Only – Bass

Dr. Chud – Drums

Say what you will about this version of the band. Call it what you will. There’s one thing that’s undeniable though – these guys wrote some incredible songs together that will be overshadowed forever.


08) Carpathian Forest circa 2006


Nattefrost – Vocals

Tchort – Guitar

Blood Pervertor – Guitar

Vrangsinn – Bass

Anders Kobro – Drums

Easily their classic “live” lineup who would give a truly unforgettable performance every evening.


07) Immortal with Abbath and Demonaz



Abbath – Vocals and Guitar

Demonaz – Guitar

Horgh – Drums

Iscariah – Bass (shared with Apollyon)

Apollyon – Bass

Now that Demonaz can play guitar again – why not?

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