Motörhead Have The Best Band Name Of All Time

Posted by on June 21, 2012

Spin Magazine has come out with a list of the 40 best band names ever. They even came up with a mathematical formula that includes points for clever wordplay, graphically or typographically appealing, and a bunch of other stuff they probably threw out as soon as they started compiling the list. At any rate, Motörhead top the list. We’re somewhat inclined to agree with them on that, for several reasons. First of all, umlauts. Second of all, it’s a badass sounding name. Thirdly, there’s really nothing more iconic and representative of punk rock than the Motörhead logo and skull. Also, Lemmy.

There are a handful of other heavy bands that made the list, like Slayer (#10) and Iron Maiden (#12). Japanese band Bathtub Shitter (#30) made the list as well, who we’re mentioning just because of their name, so I guess it worked. Black Flag is more hardcore/punk than metal, but bassist Chuck Dukowski’s explanation (“it put us next to Black Sabbath in the record bins!”) is worth a mention.


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