Metal Insider’s Chris Annunziata’s Top 10 Metal Albums of 2020

Posted by on December 22, 2020


Even though 2020 was a pretty awful year, a lot of great records were released. In fact, there were so many, it was hard narrowing my list down to just ten albums. Even though the pandemic lockdown halted live music, I was able to discover a lot of new bands and find new music. I even started a podcast! Hopefully, you’ll find something new to listen to on my Top 10 Albums of 2020.


10) DevilDriver, Dealing with Demons I (Napalm Records)

Kicking off the list at #10 is DevilDriver. The band delivered a blistering record and probably their best release in the past 10 years. With this album, the band branched out their sound but kept their identity. This album had aggression and a heartfelt attitude conveyed with frontman Dez Farara’s ripping vocals. Tracks like “Wishing” display why DevilDriver have been in the game for almost 20 years and aren’t going anywhere. Part II will hopefully be released in 2021 and might find it’s way on another year-end “Top Albums” list.

Key Track: “Wishing”



09) Lamb of God, Lamb of God (Epic)

It took them five years but, Lamb of God finally released their 10th album, and it was worth the wait. This release exhibits why they have been one of the top metal acts for the past 15 years, with strong songwriting and a clear sense of creativity. With this release, the Virginia natives bring the intensity and groove we’ve all come to expect from a Lamb of God record. This album doesn’t break the mold or reinvent the wheel but delivers that quintessential Lamb of God feel we crave. You can read my full album review here!

Key Track: “New Colossal Hate”



08) Currents, The Way It Ends (Sharptone Records)

Breaking into the spotlight is Currents with their well-executed sophomore release that delivers quality songwriting and a refreshing take on metalcore. Packed with poignant lyrics and incensed musicality, the quintet shares not only their technical proficiencies but their inner angst and disquiet. Currents’ projected trajectory will be dominating stages and commanding crowds in the coming years. You can read my full album review here!


Key Track: “A Flag To Wave”



07) Melted Bodies, Enjoy Yourself

Melted Bodies has swarmed the metal community with their jarring and refreshing debut record and they have melted not only bodies, but faces as well. The California natives were able to do the impossible and create a niche record with erratic heaviness that garnered mass approval. The debut has a wide array of styles ranging from System of a Down, Dead Kennedys, Mike Patton and Strapping Young Lad. “Enjoy Yourself” might be the most stimulating and interesting album of 2020 and I can’t wait to see what follows next.

Key Track: “99 Scents”



06) Pallbearer, Forgotten Days (Nuclear Blast)

Pallbearer brought the sludgiest and doom-filled riffs of 2020. “Forgotten Days” is a record that can be played from start to finish without pause. The timeless adventure is aesthetically dark, magnified to the extreme with the enchanting choruses and progressive doom aura. This record captivates you from the beginning and tugs on the old-Pallbearer sound while delivering a new refined sound. Pallbearer are masters of their craft and continue to find creative ways to lure you into their progressive dark realm.

Key Track: “Rite of Passage”



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