Getting straight to the point, here are my Top 10 Metal Albums of 2019:


10) Jasta, The Lost Chapters Vol. 2 (Perseverance Media Group)

If you happen to listen to my radio show or pay any attention to my posts, having Jasta on my list should be no surprise. This stellar record features many great artists such as, Matt Heafy (Trivium), Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage), Max Cavalera (Soulfly), and more. Jamey Jasta really proves there is more to his repertoire than Hatebreed and validates him as a songwriter. 

Key Track: “When the Contagion is You” 


09) As I Lay Dying, Shaped By Fire (Nuclear Blast)

Due to the controversy with this band, most “Top 10” lists probably won’t include this group or album. However, separating the music from the artist, this record easily deserves to be featured. Almost every song has a catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head or a breakdown that will crack your neck. (I’m looking at you “Redefined”)  

Key Track: “My Own Grave” 


08) Moon Tooth, Crux (Pure Noise)

Moon Tooth are really shaping up to be the real deal and deserve all the praise that’s been coming their way. This band’s creativity is so refreshing and appealing. The guitar work by Nick Lee is outstanding and the vocals by John Carbone is utterly impressive. Seeing this band live adds another layer to their music. If you haven’t seen them yet, do so now. 

Key Track: “Awe at All Angles” 


07) Periphery, IV: HAIL STAN 

Having Periphery included on this list should be no surprise as HAIL STAN was one of the band’s best efforts. With songs like “Blood Eagle,” these progressive metallers prove that they can still write disgustingly heavy riffs. This album captures each members musical tastes and really shows their collaborative effort. Having this be the first album not from Sumerian and producing it on their own, it really exemplifies the band’s creative vision. Read my full review here

Key Track: “Blood Eagle” 


06) After the Burial, Evergreen (Sumerian)

Since I started following this band back in 2009, hearing Evergreen made me realize how far they’ve come. They have solidified their sound but still know how to make each song tasteful and fresh. It’s been 10 years and these guys are still dropping massive heavy riffs that slap so hard. Songs like “In Flux” exemplify guitarist Trent Halfdahl’s talent at constructing delicious, nectarous riffs and combining them with a swift intricate rhythmic pattern. I also wrote a full review for Evergreen which can be read here.

Key Track: “In Flux”