Album Review: After the Burial – ‘Evergreen’

Posted by on April 19, 2019


After the Burial has finally graced their fans with their highly anticipated Sumerian release Evergreen. This album slaps so hard there is no way it will fall from the top 3 albums of 2019, even if it’s only April. The Minnesota natives are one of the most consistent bands when releasing quality over quantity. Sure, we have to wait 3 years between releases for 8 or 9 songs, but they are always worth the wait. One of the key attributes of this band is that they know how to spice up their sound on each record, without losing their core sound or identity. Tracks like “Exit, Exist,” “11:26” and “To Challenge Existence” are prime examples of this feat.

The album’s first track, “Behold the Crown,” kicks off the record in amazing fashion with the repetitive yet fun pinch harmonic. Zakk Wylde would be proud. ATB just has a knack for making simple repetitive riffs sound so good. For instance, on “Exit, Exist,” the main riff is pretty repetitive. However, they found a way to make it sound cool but captivating as well. The way they use the repetition is key as well. This is a band who knows how to take themselves not too seriously and just have fun. The video for “Behold the Crown” is top notch and visually proves my point as well.

If you could take all the great aspects of the band and put it all into one song, you would get “In Flux.” Guitarist Trent Halfdahl is a mastermind at constructing these delicious, nectarous riffs and combining them with a swift intricate rhythmic pattern. He’s pulled it off on every record and he’s succeeded once again. Another member that really shines on this track is Drummer Dan Carle. His style of play finds a way to fill in every void left available and forge this solid thick sound.

The track that stands out the most in terms of style would have to be “Quicksand.” The intro of the song slowly creeps in and delivers a dark tone that closely resembles death metal. Frontman Anthony Notarmaso changes up his vocals on this piece and provides a deep low growl that he hasn’t really exercised before.

Overall, After the Burial has put forth a terrific album that encapsulates the band’s core sound and identity, but also breathes new life into their songs. 

Pick up your copy of Evergreen here.

Full album stream below!

After the Burial will be kicking off their tour with Killswitch Engage and Parkway Drive. Find dates here!


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